Edward Hemmings creative director of Alan d.

25 Years… and Breathe!

Last month my blog about being ‘just a hairdresser’ really created a wave of interest. Shared on LinkedIn and Facebook it really seemed to get people talking. It’s amazing, at the click of a button information is shared all over the world in seconds. If you pay for it, it’s shared even more!

The advent of smart-phones, wifi, social-media and all things tech have allowed us access to information 24 hours a day from all over the world. At the touch of a button we can be anywhere, learn anything and see whatever we want.

But… are we actually learning anything? Yes we see it, we read about it, it’s stored on our iPads or phones, but are we actually learning anything.

I’d like to share some feedback we received this week.

Last month we held a Bootcamp at our Academy. It was a 1 day Cut & Colour seminar. Myself and the team presented 3 looks in the morning and the group worked on the techniques in the afternoon. At the end of the Bootcamp, feedback forms were presented to the participants and the results looked pretty good. All 9s & 10s apart from one 7. Ok, it could have been worse, but even 1 out of 20 was a bit disappointing.

And now to this week’s feedback and the point of this month’s blog.

We received this letter (sic) “…At the time I didn’t think I gained that much knowledge and In truth I came a way feeling a little disappointed. Straight away after the course I went on holiday… I have this past week produce what I rarely say is my best work yet. Every cut I have looked at a little differently. Feel totally inspired by my day with Alan d… Feel like I’m gaining my confidence and getting my mojo back.”

The question is do you give yourself enough time? Do you rush? Are you looking to train quickly? Do you want to choose a course based on its speed or are you prepared to breathe?
Turn it the other way round; if you were a client, do you want to be rushed by a stylist who rushed through their training?!
So, if you’re looking to train, retrain, get your mojo back, then get in touch now.

Oh and by the way this Summer marks my 25 years in this incredible industry and to celebrate we are offering 25% off all course prices booked and paid for before August 31st 2017.

Don’t delay, call us now.