Alan d founder Edward Hemmings.

All that glitters is not gold

Sad news last week! A competitor of ours, not more than 2 miles away from us in the City of London, a training school dealing with private hairdressing, barbering & beauty therapy, closed its doors suddenly leaving some 20 privately-funded students out of training & out of pocket.

I say it’s sad news because once again it puts the spotlight on our Industry & all its failings. How many times have we heard over the years, certainly since I’ve been involved, of salons & training centres doing so well that it makes some of us feel like we’re doing something wrong. The publicity, the massive internet presence, the super-stardom, all of it disappears overnight leaving a trail of distressed people in its wake.

We have been helping some of the students to finish their courses as well as those already finished to use our facilities to apply for their certification they worked so hard to achieve.

I think there’s a lesson to be learned by all of us; you know the old expression, “all that glitters isn’t gold”.

Please take something from my message. Because you aren’t number one on the internet for your location & your business it doesn’t mean you aren’t good at what you do. And conversely, there are so many internet sensations out there with very little to back it up.

We’ve proved that with dedication & hard work you can be successful on your own merit without spending fortunes on social media etc. You reputation is key as is your heritage & anything you add to that is a bonus.

Have a very happy Easter & if anyone wants to give me a call to discuss anything, even if you tell me I’m wrong, it’ll be great to speak.