Alan d hairdressing student cutting a womans short auburn hair.

Just a Hairdresser, you might say… if only it was all that easy!

This month, I’ve been inspired by reading Edward’s blog. I was so shocked by some people’s old fashioned views on this ever-growing, incredible industry.

“If no other career works you could always be a hairdresser”. Not only can the best hairdressers make hair look like pieces of art but there’s such an amazing skill involved. I find myself learning more every day and as I learn more, I find there’s more to learn! Each cut has to be done with precision, every hair combed carefully into  place. Colours taken in perfect sections & this is just the beginning.

I find myself each day wanting to know more, watching & learning many valuable skills from the talent that surrounds me, both at my salon and the Alan d Academy in Ipswich. I’ve been very fortunate with the opportunities that have come my way but anyone who thinks you can just pick up a pair of scissors & the rest comes naturally is very wrong.

Sometimes this can be a very misunderstood industry and for anyone wanting to be “Just A Hairdresser” you needn’t bother!

Only you can make this happen, so what are you waiting for, go out & get it!