Alan d founder Edward Hemmings.

Budget Blog 2018

For a change let’s be positive about the latest political news that has just been announced.

The budget delivered good news for employers. Firstly, the employer contribution for apprentices over the age of 19 will be reduced from the current £900 to £700 from the 1st of January ’19 & will be further reduced to £350 at some time to be announced in the near future. Don’t forget this contribution only applies to over 19’s. For 16-18 year olds, there are now £1000 grants for all apprentices, both at level 2 & 3 provided they’re under 19 at the beginning of their course.

In fact, we’ve just had the best enrolment numbers (of new apprentices) over the last 3 months that we’ve had for at least 2 years. This means that our loyal employers, both in London & the M25 areas & in East Anglia, where we’re based in Ipswich, must be seeing positive signs of business growth in as much as they’re taking on more staff.

We know that recruiting apprentices is not easy but, providing your local reputation as an employer is good & you do the usual school visits on a regular basis, there seems to be a much more positive vibe with regard to apprentice training.

The other piece of good news for 2019 is the reduction of business rates by 1/3rd for those whose premises’ rateable value is below £51,000. This is going to be applied for 2 years. Good news for those businesses based in the busier parts of town centres.

As for Alan d; Edward is still busy with the social media & pr side of the business & I’m working very hard trying to keep up with all you young people. We can see so many good & positive things happening in the industry, the poorer training organisations & local colleges are being found out for what they are, leaving only the best of us offering the kind of training you all want.

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