Ex Alan d apprentice Janet Waker.

Congratulations Janet Walker

In mid-March I blogged about an invitation to a party for an ex-apprentice of ours who was celebrating 40 years in the industry & who, over a period of time, became a valued member of our styling team. I actually did a little blog at the time & having been to Janet’s party last Saturday evening, I was so glad she remembered that as a 15 year old, how she started with us all those years ago.

I was asked to say a few words; all I could remember was how motivated Janet was, serious about learning & being determined to succeed. She became a very good hair stylist, able to work with all hair types & going on to work in the West End for all of her career.

It makes me very proud to have been involved in a 40 year career like Janet’s. It was always part of our DNA to offer great training to our apprentices. Throughout the years I’ve been part of the Industry I must have had hundreds of young people start their training with us & then going on to bigger & better things.

My mantra was always “get them young”! If you can find promising youngsters why not give them a chance? There are training programs such as Traineeships; trial periods with some basic training involved, hopefully leading to a full apprenticeship. In other words, the beginning of a real career path.

I truly believe that if you give an opportunity to a motivated youngster you’ll reap the benefit, as well as giving them the chance to develop their skills whilst working for you. You never know, you may have another Janet on your hands.

To Janet, thank you for all those kind words. Bonnie, Edward & I really enjoyed seeing you so happy with all your family & friends around you. Here’s to another 40 years!