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The new Apprenticeship programmes and associated funding have caused some confusion recently with us amongst others who had misinterpreted the new funding rules. I thought I’d try and separate fact from fiction here and in the attached vlog.

The incoming Standards (from May last year) have been subject to a new set of funding rules that terrified many of us! The great news is that if you employ 16-18 year old apprentices or advanced apprentices (Level 3) then you do not need to make any contribution! In fact if the apprentice is under 19 when they start their Level 2 you will get a grant of £1000. This is only if you employ under 50 people etc etc

We like the new Standards. There is an end test (EPA), which is the only thing you’ll pay for, which means that those providers who’ve ticked boxes to pass every candidate; good or bad, can no longer do so. Until the EPA has been passed, the apprentice doesn’t get their qualification. And believe it or not, celebrating success is in fashion again as the apprentice could pass with distinction!

If your apprentice is over 19, then you will have to contribute a fee of 10% of the government funding.

We have a created a unique Learning Journey at Alan d aimed at keeping standards at the very highest, engaging both the apprentice and the employer at all levels.

We have been pushing the Traineeship programme recently as it really seems to give both employer and future apprentice confidence that not only will the trainee be the right person, but the salon is the right environment for them to develop. This ‘no-strings’ work-experience programme for up to 13 weeks has been a great success for a number of employers and fully prepares the trainee for the next step; a contract of employment and an Apprenticeship.

We’re here for you, and if we can help in any way explain what’s on offer, advise you of the best programmes or just have a chat call us now 0207 634 9400

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