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Happy Google Summer Time

This week we’ve been talking SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. Wizadry basically!

Keywords are the essence, hair, training, barbering, college, hairschool, learn hairdressing, learn barbering. You get the picture. Essentially any word or phrase that might be used to try and find us and many others on Google, Bing etc.

What interests me is that top of the rankings doesn’t mean top of your game. Top of the rankings is who employs the cleverest or most expensive wizard!

When buying goods, you want the right product at the best price with the best guarantee that it’ll arrive!

So how do you find the best ‘service’ or education? From our point of view look no further, you’re already here.

Seriously, if you believed everything you read, the hairdressing training industry is full of the ‘best’ the ‘most-highly rated’ the ‘only’ school to train with. Very often the reality is the opposite. We’re very honest and the one advantage we have in the industry is heritage. 50 plus years of hairdressing and barbering training. 50 years of managing our students’ expectations, 50 years of making students work-ready. During the last 20 years we have turned this skill to apprenticeship training. Offering our apprentice students’ the same tried and trusted education system as private students; differing only in the amount of time taken to qualify.

Keep googling (I think it’s officially a verb now) but after you’ve done that research, give us a call and see if we can offer the means to your hairdressing or barbering dream.

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