Alan d student ambassador Isabella Lane.

My Journey Towards NVQ Level 2

I’m currently 8 months into my training with Alan d & 10 months away from qualifying at NVQ level 2.

I’m so excited to be training after waiting a long time to start. I’m so happy with the team at Alan d; I’ve learned something from every teacher and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time & patience they all give me.

I am going to be on my first week of colour next time I attend . This is one of the units that I have been so excited to start.

I love the creativity behind colour and how you can completely recreate a person’s appearance just from changing the colour of their hair. I’m going to try out some crazy colours as I have always been so fascinated by different looks created by unusual and bright colours (as you’ve probably seen on my Insta feed.)

It seems impossible that only a year ago, hairdressing was a dream and now Alan d together with my salon GMs, have made it a reality.

During this week’s National Apprenticeship Week, go and make your dreams happen.

See you next time.