Alan d founder Edward Hemmings.

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Ladies Hairdressing. A good idea? Discuss!

I’ve been sitting at my desk puzzling over a note I wrote to myself about 8 weeks ago and finally I’ve decided to write about it in the hope that somebody picks up the message and calls me.

The note says: NVQ3 Ladies, why is the take-up so poor in the London area and so much stronger in East Anglia? Good question that needed a bit of research on my part. So I asked some of our Level 3 students here in the London School why they, or their employers, considered NVQ 3 important to their development.

The following are the verbatim responses to the question:

  1. ”Make more advanced progress to the techniques learned at Level 2 and learn more creative techniques. Also gain an extra qualification, therefore more opportunities for learning & earning helping me to progress in my chosen career.”
  2. ”I’m doing my Level 3 because my Boss wants me to do it to gain more and better Hairdressing skills.”
  3. ”To learn new skills, be more creative and to better the skill that I already have. Also to become a much more confident and better equipped stylist leading on to promotion and more artistic/creative work in the salon.”
  4. ”To get more experience in creative cutting, colouring and colour correction eventually leading to owning my own salon in the future or becoming a Hairdressing Educator.”

These are direct quotes from four students that we also trained at Level 2. The words creativity, learning, experience and skill all jump out at you. If we can nurture these young people with all the ambition they have we then don’t have to worry too much about the next generation of hairdresser.

To add to the skills that we teach at Level 3 there is at least at least 15 days of Barbering which is especially attractive for those who have no experience of cutting Men’s hair. It also adds an extra layer of Ladies cutting skills, especially with the emphasis on the shorter and more creative cuts.

To all employers and managers who may read this blog; please contact me with your thoughts and don’t forget that we enrol both Level 2 and3 students each month throughout the year in both our London and Ipswich Schools.