Alan d founder Alan Hemmings posing next to Alan d branded towels.

Save the Planet

Can we? Maybe, if we all make our own small gesture.

Speaking personally, my first try at being “green” was about 3 years ago when I bought my first real hybrid car, one with extra low emissions that is re-chargeable. Truthfully, my first thought was to avoid the Central London Congestion charge; as time moved on, I realised that my use of and spend on petrol has virtually disappeared so I not only save money that way but I’m also helping (in my own small way) to save the planet.

Once the decision was taken to buy a hybrid car the next step was to look at the business to see if we could make a difference there. When we thought about it, it’s obvious…Towels! Although making savings on the cost of laundry and replacing the damaged and stained ones was a no-brainer, we didn’t realise how much of a difference we could make, not just financially but in persuading our students to think about the “green” environment.

We started to use a brand called Wear & Tear Towels, which are pure wood fibre, disposable, recyclable and bio-degradable. Not only that, we have our Alan d logo embossed on the towels and almost everyone likes them. Much better than the nasty, sort-of-laundered things that we were using. Even our full-price clients, those whose hair my team have been doing for over 30 years, have nothing but praise for our effort to move along the “green” path. In fact, we’re now trialling paper, disposable gowns. Watch this space!

My advice; try it, you may like it.

Any comments, please call me and we can have a chat about the benefits of being environmentally friendly.