Edward Hemmings Alan d creative director.

University or A Career In Hairdressing & Barbering?

I write this as the university-fees debate is in full flow again. Should fees be reduced, should they be scrapped, should they be limited etc etc.

This debate always interests me, particularly as we are approaching National Apprentice Week, Schools Career weeks and the time that many people are thinking about their futures.

It amazes me that even in 2018, schools still prefer to push the academic route, actively sending young people into debt as long as there is some sort of university degree at the end of it.

Don’t get me wrong, education is important and university has its place, but show me any qualifying graduate with an irrelevant degree, and I’ll show you a well-trained hairdresser or barber who already has a career, is earning money and may already be half-way to owning their own business if that’s their dream, getting themselves on the property ladder, or owning that new car. In fact, in one recent meeting, I was taken to the back of a salon and proudly shown the new cars owned by the young team. All this is possible by the time a comparable person has been at university and graduated with a degree and debt! No names, but we know hairdressers earning footballers’ salaries!

Hairdressing and Barbering are great careers. In fact, we’re future proof! There’s now apps for recruitment, selling houses, shopping, basically everything except having a haircut!!

If you’re thinking about a taking a hairdressing or barbering course, call us now. We have been in the business of hairdressing and barbering training for over 50 years. We have heritage and we have close links to the very best in the business. What we teach is also future-proof. We don’t just teach you the very latest techniques, we teach everything. Join our Barbering class, you will be learning to cut long hair as well as clipper-fades. We never stopped delivering a perming class to our Ladies Hairdressers, and guess what…..curl is back!!

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